Spray-in vs Snap-in Truck Bedliners. 5 Things to Know.

At this point in the game, Line-X has built itself a name as the leading bedliner spray in the world. There are even science based Youtube videos showing the crazy tensile strength of Line-X truck bed liners. Here is one for example:

However, not only are there other brands of truck spray-in bed liners on the market, there are also pre-fabricated, snap-in truck bedliners that can be easily installed on any pickup truck. So at the end of the day, what is optimal? And why? Here is our list of 5 things to know:

  1. Snap-in truck bedliners are notorious for trapping water, salt, and dirt between the liner on the painted surfaces of the truck bed. This trapped moisture accelerates rust and corrosion. The trapped dirt particles scrape and scratch the paint underneath, completely eliminating any advantage there is in being able to easily remove the liner at some point in the future. In our opinion, this problem completely negates the purpose of the liner altogether.
  2. Cost. snap-in truck bed liners are not meaningfully cheaper than spray-in liners at all. Sometimes even more expensive. Their hard plastic often cracks right through when heavy objects are thrown in the back of the truck.
  3. Durability. Line-X polyurethane spray-in bedliners, as the video above clearly shows, are virtually indestructible. As this is a spray-in coating, it does not allow water or particles to get trapped between the coating and paint as the snap-in kind does. I.E. No corrosion.
  4. Long term appearance. Though Line-X bed liners do not have the advantage of being removable, this is easily controlled for with a quick clean-up spray at any Line-X or Calgary PPF location. This is not only affordable, but an easy way to clean up the appearance of the bed after years of heavy use. A great option just prior to resale.
  5. Other spray-in coatings. There are other brands of spray-in truck bed liner coatings. Some are based on a similar polyurethane as the Line-X coating, whereas some are closer to an undercoating tar for vehicle undercarriages. Nothing matches the tensile strength of this particular polyurethane. Check out Line-X and 3M products here.

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