Spray-in vs Snap-in Truck Bedliners. 5 Things to Know.

At this point in the game, Line-X has built itself a name as the leading bedliner spray in the world. There are even science based Youtube videos showing the crazy tensile strength of Line-X truck bed liners. Here is one for example: However, not only are there other brands of truck spray-in bed liners on […]

How 3M Protection Products came to Dominate the Automotive Market in Alberta

Why is 3M Vehicle Protection technology so popular in Alberta? Alberta roads have long been a frustration for new vehicle buyers. The sheer volume of rocks and gravel poured onto the roads to enhance traction during the terrible winters are easily kicked up at high velocity towards other vehicles. Broken windshields, chipped and peppered paint, […]

Top 5 must-have accessories for your new truck in Alberta

First day with your new prize truck. The black paint glistens in the sunshine. The matte black rims are bangin and you’re ready to jump in and rip it up to Banff for the weekend camping trip. Well.. not quite yet. There are a few must haves you should have installed before you risk hell […]

Where to Get the Best Spray-in Bed Liner in Calgary Alberta

Calgary is a rough city to drive a truck. Tools and equipment threaten the painted surfaces of the truck bed. Rocks pounding the exterior paint. But where in Calgary is the best place to get your bed liner sprayed? With huge chemical brands like 3M and smaller manufacturers like Line-X and Rhino, which one is […]