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Where to Get the Best Spray-in Bed Liner in Calgary Alberta

Calgary is a rough city to drive a truck. Tools and equipment threaten the painted surfaces of the truck bed. Rocks pounding the exterior paint. But where in Calgary is the best place to get your bed liner sprayed?

With huge chemical brands like 3M and smaller manufacturers like Line-X and Rhino, which one is the best? How much should it cost?

There are a few things to consider when making your decision.

1. Quality.

Brands like 3M are renowned for the quality in their engineering. 3M and Line-X are often used ubiquitously as descriptive household terms. Both 3M and Line-X have built a long reputation for quality and durability. Go with the brands you know. Their reputation precedes them, even if they are just a tad bit more expensive. Best to buy it once and not risk buyers remorse.

2. Location.

Why drive across the whole city when some shops might have multiple locations to get your truck bed liner sprayed.

3. Warranty.

Brands like 3M and Line-X have North America Wide warranties to protect you even if you move to another city!

4. Price.

Although it is never worth compromising on quality for lower prices, some shops have combination discounts that give you access to the biggest brands with discounts. After all. You do need a Spray-In Bed Liner, but 3M Protection film is an important add-on in the Calgary Alberta climate.

5. Google Reviews.

Yelp is dead, but Google is stronger and more relevant than ever. A good shop takes care of it’s customers and online reputation. 

At the end of the day, it is still better to go to the aftermarket for your truck accessories as your auto dealership is likely selling cheap products at vastly inflated rates. Do your due diligence and happy shopping!

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